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Hope Matters was founded on the desire to make a difference in hurting lives worldwide.
That motivation began with our Little Pink Book™ series. From the first book to bless a friend in need, a channel of hope was born. No matter how old you are, coping with cancer, deployment to war, Alzheimer’s disease or other difficulties, ”the child within” is impacted. Through whimsical stick-characters, unpretentious storylines and energetic presentations, we’re passionate about making a difference. Sharing hope is our first concern–because hope matters!
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Spark of Hope #116 – Caregiving is a wild ride! In the space of a week, I’ve seen a care plan ripped away when the receiving facility suddenly “changed their mind” and a loved one wrongly discharged from a hospital with a broken back. Even with advocating, researching, planning, and organizing, the outcome may appear devastating at times, despite our best efforts. Logic and […]

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Memories of chauffeuring Mom & Dad  around town

Spark of Hope #115 – I made a Facebook post with an InstaQuote, adding a simple comment:  “The Joy Ride!!! You?” In just three days, it has organically reached over 15,000 people with more than 1,000 Likes, Comments and Shares. What made the post so significant? It struck a chord. It summoned human compassion for life’s simplest of pleasures: A Joy Ride.  “Together in […]

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Visit to watch "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies"

USA Today called it a film that is “moving at times and an important work about the greatest disease challenge of our time – and all time.” The critique continued with, “It doesn’t make promises about a cure. So, it’s not an easy film to watch.” Brilliantly presented, the informative three-part series is thanks to PBS documentarian Ken Burns […]

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I know what you’re thinking. What could possibly be cute about Alzheimer’s? Perhaps a look at the flip-side will help you see what I see … No hair, no teeth, no problem. Adorable anyway! Cake smeared, mismatched socks, pants on backwards, shirt inside out. Proud moments of doing it all by herself! Spilled milk … leaky […]

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association there are nearly 70 million dog owners in the United States. The fastest growing urban parks are for the dogs and their owners can tap travel, restaurant, and shopping guides to “Bring Fido” along, just about anywhere. According to the Mayo Clinic, even medicine is going to the […]

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