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Hope Matters was founded on the desire to make a difference in hurting lives worldwide.
That motivation began with our Little Pink Book™ series. From the first book to bless a friend in need, a channel of hope was born. No matter how old you are, coping with cancer, deployment to war, Alzheimer’s disease or other difficulties, ”the child within” is impacted. Through whimsical stick-characters, unpretentious storylines and energetic presentations, we’re passionate about making a difference. Sharing hope is our first concern–because hope matters!
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The word gets a bad rap. BLAB is usually defined as indiscreet and thoughtless chatter. But what if that chatter served a purpose? What if it gave us an opportunity to Be Love At Best? The gift of gab can literally be love at best when used for good. Ever find yourself saying, “God why don’t you do something?” Those […]

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2030north sail

I nearly drowned at six years of age. My feet seemed glued to the bottom of the pond. I felt myself sinking into its muddy floor. Then, with spontaneous instinct, Whiskers came to the rescue! Our family dog saved my life! It would take two more episodes of near-drowning before I gathered the courage to “take on” water. This year marks my 20th anniversary […]

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We’re delighted to introduce a fellow writer who is committed to making a difference in tough journeys. Carol Marak hails from Texas where she cared for her mother with Congestive Heart Failure and her father living through Alzheimer’s. Both parents needed a lot of care and attention. Carol says, “Those years taught me many things, but mostly I learned compassion for the elderly and for […]

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blog post

There is a time and a place for criticism. In the right context, it can even be helpful if handled constructively. Yet, when it’s harsh or inappropriate, it makes us want to retreat and avoid it at all cost. In witnessing several mishandled criticisms this past week, it got me thinking about how we might avoid it. 5 quick ways […]

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