Atlanta Little Pink Book Outreach

3/2/10: Visit to Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta Affiliate for meeting with Special Events and Volunteer Manager.  Shared news of donation for breast cancer research from sales of When Your Teacher Has Cancer, and marketing plans for The Little Pink Book Series: three additional titles release this month! Also talked about getting involved in upcoming Susan G. Komen sponsored events to share in their outreach and mission “for the cure.”  It was an emotional time for me at this meeting, as I had just received the news that a dear cousin in Hawaii had passed away due to brain cancer just two days before.  Leaving us in her early 50’s, is just too young to leave behind her husband and teenaged son.  She fought the fight with amazing fortitude and left an indelible mark on all who love her.  Since beginning this Little Pink Book series, four family members/friends have shared cancer diagnoses – 2 battling breast cancer.  To make a difference we must first acknowledge the need to join the fight – through our deeds and our love, and then share our passion to do so.  Whether it be an awareness walk or run, a donation, a meal, a phone call or a hug – embrace those in the battle with your love and compassion…your deeds & prayers build their stamina and courage!

3/3/10: Visit to Emory Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta – met with DaVida, manager of Guest and Volunteer Services and Rebecca, Social Worker for CLIMB (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery).  Upon entering this center I was met with warm and friendly reception, while surrounded by light pouring into oversized windows and signs of hope and encouragement.  The outside garden provided a peaceful place for reflection and appreciation of nature’s gifts.  Each floor named with inspirational labels like “Compassion” and “Care,” inferring exemplary patient care. 

The Resource Center especially stood out during my visit.  The immediate embrace I felt in entering, was a welcome feeling;  I wanted to sit for hours in the relaxing atmosphere to learn and explore.  Knowledge is power in any situation.  With a cancer diagnosis it is key to formulate appropriate questions for doctor visits, to share with family in an effective way, and to process the news of having a critical illness.  Learning about the specific cancer diagnosis enables personal acceptance of the condition; thereby impacting the ability to make informed choices for the journey in a very powerful way.  This resource center provided that kind of comprehensive information in a peaceful, non-hurried, inviting place that felt like a respite from the noise of the world…whether outside of oneself or from the internal turmoil that comes with cancer (or any critical illness).  Thank you Da Vida for your fine example of organization, compassion through information and your obvious pride in managing this center. 

Thank you, Rebecca for your suggestions, preliminary invitations and your commitment to share my Little Pink Book series in your work with patients and their families, as well as with other oncology social workers.

3/4/10: Met with bookstore manager in Marietta, GA to discuss possibility of April booksigning for four Little Pink Book titles.  Never pass up an opportunity to spread Pink love – and this trip is no exception!

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