Asheville NC Book Tour stop

Feb 10th – Arrived in Asheville today after a VERY turbulent plane ride!  The winds were so gusty that as we approached landing we were instead suddenly climbing again.  The pilot announced that he couldn’t land the plane and would try a different approach! 2nd approach was a success!  Myself and other passengers shared prayers and nervousness. Whew!

Just got a confirmation from Hope Women’s Cancer Center for a meeting here tomorrow.  Also contacted an oncology counseling center, the cancer center at St. Joseph’s and a local school.  Waiting to here back on those.

As with my other book tour stops, I am blessed with the company of loved ones…thanks to my daughter Loren, and boyfriend Chris!  I will enjoy my time with them as well as spreading Pink love and hope!

See book tour news released in New York today:

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