Asheville NC news on tour

2/12 – Being in Asheville has provided intimate meetings.  Thursday, I met with Alice, a social worker at HOPE – A Women’s Cancer Center.  After sharing the Little Pink Book series and the book tour events/happenings, she gave me some important links and beautiful feedback.  She recommended the American Oncology of Social Workers (AOSW) and the Oncology Nurses Society (ONS) – both of whom she felt would have strong interest in my work & these books! Alice also expressed interest in getting multiple copies for their patients/groups, so I shared my e-store & offered a discount code for multiples when they’re ready to order.  I left her with an electronic copy of my book-flyer to share and distribute as she sees fit.

2/13 – Friday, met with Mary Helen, an oncology liaison with Cancer Centers of North Carolina.  My time there was precious, as I could feel Mary Helen’s passion for her newfound position there (having transferred from a career in orthopaedics).  After hearing the story behind these little pink books, she expressed a desire to have them in the waiting room and said they should be in every cancer center’s waiting room.  I gifted them a copy of “When Your Teacher Has Cancer,” for the center’s next administration meeting & offered the discount code option for purchase again.  Mary Helen then handed me a tremendous blessing, a connection with – the largest nationwide network of oncologists.  She felt that connection would open many, many new doors for this Little Pink Book series.  Mary Helen shared my enthusiasm, my tears and my passion – thank you!!

As with any book tour, I have met with a few challenges.  The flyers at my first book signing stop never made it onto doors for advertisement until the day before the signing! Always check, double check, triple check venues!! My book order for the signing in NY looked like it wasn’t arriving till AFTER the event – so I petitioned prayers from friends and family; the books instead arrived 6 days ahead of projections! So cool!!! 

Today, I needed my daily swim so badly – having missed four days of laps & this cold weather wasn’t helping any.  The YMCA here stated that they only only allowed members.  I again petitioned prayers – for a pool to open!  5 minutes later, I reluctantly called the YMCA & explained my reason for visiting here, and noted that to me swimming is as necesary as brushing my teeth!! The receptionist wrote me a free pass for tomorrow, thanks Brid! Wow, so amazing!

I love blessing others and I am overwhelmed with the blessings I feel daily!!

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