Book Tour 2011: Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer & Annie Appleseed Project Conferences

We logged 1787 miles in the last two weeks—sharing Pink hope throughout central and southeast Florida!  This book tour included our attendance at two major conferences:

Conference #1: The 11th annual conference created by Living Beyond Breast Cancer & Young Survivor Coalition.  This international conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer (and those who support them) was held this year at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando Florida.  Over 850 attendees were present, coming from all over the map.  We had the privilege of talking with many of these women & hearing their personal stories while participating plus hosting a book signing.  From New York to California, from Brazil to New Zealand, their commonality was their tenacity to fight against this terrible disease.

“Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” (Matthew 5:15) The light of hope seen in the organizers, exhibitors and participants of both conferences was inspirational and magnificently more powerful than any cancer!  Thanks Amaryllis Wohlever MD, my copy editor and translator for joining me in Orlando to share the hope found in stick-characters!  Also, thanks to Terri & Andrea for assisting at my book signing during this YSC conference.

Conference #2: 4th annual – Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies conference in West Palm Beach, created by the Annie Appleseed Project.  Both conferences delivered hopeful messages about advancements in cancer research and treatment and more.  Striking at this conference was Ann Fonfa’s mission (founder of Annie Appleseed) being beautifully exemplified throughout this 3-day event:  “From its inception the Annie Appleseed Project decided to challenge the existing treatment paradigm, to question the existing research methods and subjects, and to propose new direction for both ending with true Integrative Oncology.”

It was an honor to meet Ann Fonfa and immediately sense her enthusiasm & personal approach for all she does.  With every detail from cutting edge speakers to incredible organic meals, The Annie Appleseed Project team enveloped participants in holistic care.

Talks with survivors, networking opportunities, and knowledge gained were an integrative blessing at this conference.  The numerous stage 4 survivors who aren’t just getting through, but embracing FULL lives were a vivid sign of hope and progress in the fight against cancer.  So many touched my heart with their resilience, and encouraged my journey to share hope.  Peter, thank you for sharing your story of courage in fighting metastatic breast cancer…you’ll always rock as one of the few, the proud (the marine) —loving husband & father at the core.

Thank you, Christine Horner MD, my foreword writer for When Mom’s Cancer Doesn’t Go Away – it was an honor to meet you, attend your workshop and share book signing moments!

Thank you, Ann Fonfa for putting together an incredible conference.  I look forward to co-exhibiting in May at the Association of Oncology Social Work 27th annual conference.

Each journey of sharing the Little Pink Book series opens new doors and this tour was no exception!  Stupid cancer dot com, thanks for your invitation to help with the parenting component for your “boot-camp” forum & attend your 5th annual cancer summit in Manhattan next April (2012).  We love what you’re doing to touch young lives with hope, transcending the darkness of cancer through resources, events and humor!

Thank you to the organizers from Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Young Survivor Coalition, Catherine with CMP, and the Annie Appleseed Project for including in your events!  Our time this week will be spent, in part, following up the many organizations we met at both events.  Be watchful for these helpful, informative links in the coming week!

Lastly, book tours are immeasurably more fun when combined with moments enjoying family and friends.  Thank you to the Sills and the Wohlever families for open arms, pampered stays, prayers, and loving encouragement.  Also thanks to the YMCA and Health-First Pro Health for gifting me time in your lap pools — nourishment to my core!

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