Book Tour TN updates

Feb 6th – Met with Dr. Rebecca Baskin to share the manuscript for the next title in this Little Pink Book series.  Dr. Baskin is a mother of two, breast cancer surgeon and breast cancer survivor – her words will no doubt be a beautiful blessing in the Foreword of “When Your Mom Has Cancer.”  Her gifted hands removed Vicki’s cancer one year ago.  I am thrilled to have Dr. Baskin’s endorsement in this next book!

February 7th – Book signing at Hastings Bookstore.  The turnout here was steady and quiet – a refreshing pace after Friday’s packed schedule.  Even with superbowl Sunday in the lineup, we still met with Little Pink Book fans, wanting to make a difference in the battle against breast cancer.  Vicki sat in on this one and got to personally share her story with survivors (customers) who were blessed by knowing she walked in their shoes.  One woman shared (anxiously awaiting ) her plastic surgery/reconstruction appointment the following day. Turns out she’s going to the same doctor that Vicki did…what a confidence vote for someone approaching that “unknown.”  The fear of not knowing can be so daunting, much like not understanding cancer in terms that make it easy to talk about. We got some great photos at this signing. I met another self-published author who shared my enthusiasm and love for this work, thanks Robert.  Hastings has invited me back for more signing events for this Little Pink Book series. 

February 8th – met with the Pretty in Pink Boutique manager.  She read my book with the enthusiasm of a child discovering new things.  Her expression and comments about the illustrations were a compliment to Derek, my graphic artist/web designer.  His illustrations continue to amaze and delight readers – of all ages.  It’s as though they bring light to darkness, taking the monster out of cancer by putting hope in the heart of the reader.  Beautiful!  The owner and manager of this boutique will be sharing my series with boutiques like theirs, across the nation.  Enthusiasm spread by word of mouth is more powerful than any advertising I could ever do.  Reader feedback to me and to others is one of the biggest blessings I have in spreading Pink love and hope.  Thank you, my readers and my cheerleaders! 

February 9th – my last full day in TN.  Today, I’ll meet with the YMCA – ABC (after breast cancer) Program director.  Melanie is a breast cancer survivor and certified personal trainer who is using her gifts to lead this program – promoting physical, spiritual and mental health in the journey of healing from breast cancer.  Thanks Melanie, for what you do and I am blessed to have your blurb on the next Little Pink Book.  Also, Melanie has offered to network this series to the Columbia Medical Center Pediatrics Dept. 

I sometimes long for my best friend, Vicki and her husband, Tony to live closer.  Then everytime, I visit them I am enveloped by the love of  their family and this community of Murfreesboro – and it once again becomes so clear as to why they love living here!  Thank you for sharing your home, your support, your friendship and your beautiful community!  I am blessed by everyone who came into my path this visit.  I look forward to coming back over the summer to fulfill new opportunities for sharing this Little Pink Book series.  I’m off to Asheville, NC tomorrow morning, the next stop in this Eastern Educational Book Tour!

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