Gratitude moments

My morning was highlighted by meeting with Tina.  She shared her chemo journals & path thru breast cancer in the midst of my writing When Your Mom Has Cancer, hence the dedication to her on the “gratitude page therein.”  It was a time of sharing and blessing as she received her copy of this newest book.  Her husband, Willis, visited too – what an obvious blessing he is to her!

After restocking two local stores and meeting with a new bookstore owner, I am sitting down to write again.  Only this time, I’m writing to complete a presentation for 60 mammographers at next week’s conference in Tennessee.  Integrating patient care, the gift of life, cancer and the grief process plus the background/applicability of the Little Pink Book series — all wrapped into one presentation to spread Pink hope.  May my words bless, inspire and glorify God’s hand behind this – I am SO blessed to bless others!

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