Hawaiian Islands Book Tour (Maui)

The beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is reflected in nature and its people. For 31 years, we’ve been returning to Maui and Oahu for ‘Ohana, an affectionate word meaning family bound together. This book tour, afforded the blessing of reconnecting with family and connecting with the community of Hana Maui. Visits with the elementary, middle & high school students of Hana School, plus book signings at Travaasa Hana Hotel & Hasegawa General Store were opportunities to magnify hope inside others. Every encounter was a chance to encourage others to “IMAGINE…PLAY..DREAM.”  No matter what your age, remember to imagine, play and dream. It is never too late to fulfill a dream; your imagination and playful spirit are like wings of hope for a lifetime.

Special thanks to our family,Valorey & Mark at Travaasa , Harry & Neal at Hasegawa’s, and Christel Bloomer-Buell, Reading Teacher at Hana School. We will forever treasure the encouraging notes of gratitude from all the students at Hana School. Aloha and Mahalo…A hui hou (til we meet again)!


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