National Association of Social Workers – March is appreciation month

March is Social Worker Appreciation month.   The Emerald Coast chapter of the National Association of Social Workers invited me to be their keynote speaker at the annual luncheon.  It was an honor to share in their day of celebration.  We each have the capacity to touch hurting lives.  Yet, social workers specifically help those who’ve been socially excluded or are experiencing crisis…certainly not an easy task…one that takes special skill and heart-felt calling.

In our nation’s economic state, those experiencing crisis is ever increasing number.  Thank you to every social worker who tirelessly helps the hurting & compassionately shares hope!  My life is blessed to have met so many individuals helping families experiencing cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s, deployment, loss, divorce, unemployment, abuse, learning disabilities, and more.  If your family has been blessed by a social worker’s efforts, send a “thank you note” this month and pass the blessing forward.  Thank you!


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