Pass it On

Recently, I had the opportunity to pass it on through a Publish and Promote Your Writing Workshop. As we venture through life, we gain a collection of experiences, insights and knowledge. I’ve always believed those are meant to be passed on rather than simply tucked away or chalked up to “done that!”

Sharing my two book series with Don Jordan of Sandhandle Workshops last fall, provided such an opportunity. We were initially connected through a friend of a friend–the blessing of personal networks. When Don developed a “women in the media” panel in October 2010, he invited me to be part of it. After that, one conversation led to another and we connected on how can we make a difference in this community? Last Saturday (June 25th), our ideas came to fruition in hosting the first Publish and Promote Your Writing Workshop on the Emerald Coast.

The networking, pre-registration,  interactive format, range of topics, and passionate experiences made it a success. That formula for success was magnified by Don’s expertise as the Founder of Sandhandle Workshops. Months of planning and coordinating are an integral part of any event, yet it’s the heart and soul that make it meaningful. Thanks to Don at Sandhandle Workshops, everyone gained something worthy enough to pass it on.

Don and I have already started planning follow-on workshops to expand on select topics and by the feedback, it’s clear that the heart and soul is well placed. Receiving invitations to provide Writing, Publishing and Promoting Workshops in Orlando FL and Murfreesboro TN energizes me to make an even bigger difference. I’m grateful for every opportunity to pass it on, to inspire others to use their experiences, insights and knowledge to bless others. That’s the makings of a gift called HOPE—whereby Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday!

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