Pink Stick-Puppets at School visit!!

5/16/10: Tomorrow’s visit w/elementary students includes our new “Pink Stick-Puppets.” We designed the puppets to bring to life the “faces of feelings” illustrations inside the Little Pink Books–as children are invited to talk about topics that range from moving and making friends to losing a pet and seeing a loved one go thru cancer.   As adults all our experiences evoke emotions and children are no different except that they often lack the vocabulary to express those emotions in words.  Animated characters, such as stick-characters and puppets, often help children label their emotions — thereby helping them express them aloud!  I’ll also engage them in “follow the reader” – an interactive style of reading I just created, making them an active part of the journey through the Little Pink Book!  Looking forward to this time with “little ducklings” as my friend, Vicki would say!

5/17/10: The visit to Calvary Christian students was a hit – especially the new Pink Stick-Puppets! It’s always amazing to hear the insight of children. Loved my “follow the reader” volunteers today, esp the 2nd grader who held the Little Pink Book high w/outstretched hands throughout my reading for classmates to see – what an enthusiastic helper! So many precious little ones wanting to bless those they love diagnosed with cancer…and given the vocabulary they can (and do) make such a difference in their little worlds!  No small act of kindness goes unnoticed – and these 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th graders definitely know it!  Thank you, Administrator Jon Gross, for inviting me to your school and into the hearts of your amazing students.  Thank you, Susie, for coordinating my visit!

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  1. We enjoyed your visit. I think you have a good rapport with the students. I hope it will be helpful to them. Susie

    1. Thanks, Susie, It was a wonderful visit today. Given the students’ questions and insights during my visit, I’m confident they’ll be making a difference in the lives of loved ones diagnosed with cancer, and even in other times of pain & loss. You have an amazing group of students!

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