Southeast Book Tour TN Endorsements 4/23

Gave Melanie Cavender, After Breast Cancer coordinator at YMCA her copy of “When Your Mom Has Cancer.” I love her energy, her mission, & her spirit! This Little Pink Book series is being adopted by the ABC Program throughout Middle TN & nationwide thru the Pink Ribbon Program – wow! Thanks, Melanie, for all you do in spreading… Pink hope and courageously sharing your own journey & gifts of strength and healing!!

Got to hand-deliver “When Your Mom Has Cancer” to Dr. Baskin who wrote the foreword! Then yesterday I met with Jeanetta, 14-year cancer survivor who used homeopathic medicine to cure her cancer–after hearing a terminal prognosis. She fully embraced God, alternative medicine, supporting physicians, her family and a year long battle of healing. Her story left me awestruck – her determination and dedication brought tears to my eyes. See more about her story at Not an option for everyone or every cancer, yet a testimony that should be shared!

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  1. Purchased Maryann's second book at Hastings in Murfreesboro, TN, about when your mom has breast cancer and read it yesterday. Wow! I wish I'd had it to read to my friend's daughter who passed years ago. It made me cry. I guess in a way brought some healing for me and education for the future. What a gift God has given you and how awesome a person you are to shine and share it! Love you Maryanne, Betsy

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