Spark of Hope #38 – First Believe!

Spark of Hope #38Sitting at my favorite spot for Chai tea latte this week, I met with an aspiring poet. Stephen has an amazing collection that’s just waiting to meet with readers’ eyes. For years I filled those “what if” shoes before being convicted to write that book. There at Starbucks, I shared with Stephen that my best friend believed in my ability long before I did. I had to grow into it…and I had years worth of excuses. It occurred to me that writing is a lot like faith. Above all else you must first believe. Once you believe, simply trust, and let go of doubt—Huge Outcomes become Possible Everyday!

First Believe – then knock on Barnes and Noble’s door! 

Hope is like a spark; if the conditions are right, it can spread like wildfire. Hope feeds the soul, ignites passion, and inspires others. Tucked inside each of us is a child-like spark that says: never forget to dream, play and imagine. HOPE is the extraordinary spark that says Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday!

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