St Louis & San Fran Book Tour – May 2011

  • The month of May couldn’t be a more perfect time for travel. Temperatures are pleasant in most regions of the country and vacationers aren’t yet swarming the airports & roadways.  It’s an extra special perk when book tour business is combined with Mother’s Day weekend pleasure. This tour began in St Louis Missouri and continued on to San Francisco California, before returning to Fort Walton Beach Florida.
  • The invitation to exhibit on this book tour came last September. Alison Mayer Sachs, Director of Community Outreach & Patient Support Services had a fruitful idea – to connect us with the founder of  the Annie Appleseed Project. That connection made our joint-exhibition possible at this 27th annual Association of Oncology Social Work conference. Earlier this year, we also had the pleasure of attending Annie Appleseed Project’s annual conference where evidenced-based complementary therapies are explored & discussed. Thanks, Alison at the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center (of Rancho Mirage CA), you helped us realize the blessing of networking!
  • From May 3-7, we had the privilege of interacting with about 400 individuals & organizations. Each one making a difference in the field of cancer care. Oncology Social Workers from around the nation and abroad gathered at the St Louis Hyatt for 4 days of intense education, networking and respite from “compassion fatigue.” We introduced the Little Pink Books to heart-vested organizations such as LiveStrong, National Patient Advocate Alliance, American Brain Tumor Association, Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Cancer Care, The Children’s Treehouse Foundation, First Descents, Give Forward, Lymphoma Research Foundation, Lung Cancer Alliance,  Colon Cancer Alliance, Cancer Support Community, Board of Oncology Social Work, Pancreatic Cancer Alliance,  and numerous others.
  • In the midst of this conference I enjoyed talking with 8-year old Daphna…visiting from England. She was one of two children attending with a parent. As Daphna read through When Mom’s Cancer Doesn’t Go Away, she talked about the book’s illustrations. She also told me her own cancer story…about her 9 year-old cousin’s battle with cancer…for the 2nd time. Together, Daphna & I took those illustrations on a journey outside the pages, as she shared her “cure” for cancer: “a shampoo that you could just put all over the body, lather it up really good, and then rinse it off with water…the cancer would fall off with the water.” Someday a “cure” will go well beyond Daphna’s imagination; I look forward to that day when medicine & miracle collide.
  • Biggest highlights besides meeting Daphna: Finally meeting Peter, the Director of the Children’s Treehouse Foundation (Denver). Seeing Wendy Walters of UAB Palliative Care Unit–where our books are being used in therapy groups. Seeing Sarah Singer of Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Boston)–the first cancer resource center to shelve our books (back in February 2010). Familiar faces from other conferences and new friends gained this conference…each one a blessing along our path of sharing Pink HOPE!
  • Mother’s Day weekend in San Francisco was a beautiful respite with my daughter, Loren. We toured the city, enjoyed healthy meals and shared memories of years past…while creating new ones. And a gallery tour of contributions by Dr. Seuss sparked the child in both of us!
  • A visit with a local bookstore owner and the San Francisco Public Library brought the 4-day stay to a close. If you live in the Bay Area, be looking for When Mom’s Cancer Doesn’t Go Away on library shelves! May was the perfect month to travel. Pleasant temperatures, on-time flights, and a beautiful celebration of Mother’s Day. God bless every child with heart-filled “momories” — the wings of life.
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2 thoughts on “St Louis & San Fran Book Tour – May 2011”

  1. Great website and am so impressed with the work that you and your associates are doing to encourage, to comfort, and to give “hope”. It is amazing how God can use situations to alter the course of his children and just like sheep we have a choice to follow or not. When we follow He is faithful to more than meet the need and opens other doors to take you where you never expected to go. He has obviously been preparing your lives for such a time as this with the careers, the gifts, and the talents given. His eye has been on you as His child. This man will continue to lift you and this ministry up in prayer. I look forward to the book about “Alzheimers” as this was the cause of death for Rose Marie’s mom. My mother is also suffering terribly with dementia at the present time and knows my face but not much else. It wii fortunately be different when we renew our acquaintances in heaven. This is the pink hope of heaven and you know how to make us all look up and smile . Blessings this day to you.

    1. Thanks very much for your feedback! We're planning something new for the Alzheimer's title; we will have a "reserved" market preview before public release. This will give us an opportunity to share privately with key organizations & families who've shared their personal stories in this work…including our own. Please let me know if you'd like notice about those preview copies.
      "Pink Heaven" is a beautiful visual. Our 1st book signing in December 2009 with copies of "When Your Teacher Has Cancer" ended with a once in a lifetime drive home. The entire horizon before us spanned pale PINK with the setting sun! A kiss from God no doubt!
      Thanks for being an encourager…your words are a tremendous gift to us.

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