Star Spangled Banners

There are many creative ways to say “Thank you” for the gift of freedom. On June 30th, “A Little Patriot’s Family Event” gave me the privilege of sharing hopeful ideas with readers at Niceville Public Library. From chalk-painting star spangled banners to wearing yellow t-shirts, your American pride can shine like a beacon of hope.

Our flag’s vibrant colors of red, white and blue have been a symbol of hope and freedom since 1777. While our flag has undergone numerous revisions since then, it continues to be a beacon for hope as: freedom of our nation, honor at military funerals, respect of mourners, memorial of veterans, unity of citizens, pride for our nation, first steps on the moon, and America the Beautiful.

In 1917, the Yellow Ribbon was referred to as a symbol of waiting (with hope) for soldiers to come home from war. During the Gulf War, the slogan “support our troops” was born and the yellow ribbon gained enormous popularity. Yellow ribbons tied around trees, yellow-ribbon wrist bands, yellow- ribbon magnets, and many other yellow-ribbons of hope can be seen today. May those symbols of Yellow Hope remain as we pray for all our troops to come home!

This 4th of July and beyond, say “thank you” to our troops for preserving our blessing of freedom!  And thank you to Niceville Librarian, Martha Zimmerman for inviting me to share with your community of readers! Enjoy some of our ideas to say thank you with a look at “A Little Patriot’s Family Event”—-

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