The Proverbial Iceberg of Christmas

It’s a fact. The story isn’t going to be heard or read if it doesn’t immediately grab your attention. Most people spend only two or three seconds on a headline before deciding whether or not to cast it aside. Every hour of every day, messages are being scattered across television and radio stations, social media and email, newspapers and magazines — all with one objective. To get your attention as fast as possible! That means the story behind the message better be powerful, pertinent and perky.

On our site, there’s a “perky” caption to get the attention of new subscribers: “An Inbox Full of Hope.”

Our thinking behind it is simply a heart-matter. If we deliver messages that fill people with MORE hope during life’s difficult journeys, their “hope” will undoubtedly overflow into others’ lives. Then, huge outcomes become possible every single day in even more lives.


“Fighting Alzheimer’s is like trying to punch out a cloud.”
– June Deits

This week, I learned hope was magnified differently than I ever imagined. It happened inside the heart of a good friend, who’s also my co-author of When Your Grandma Forgets.  Bob Deits said he was searching for inspiration when he landed on my site’s homepage. Today, he shares his take on hope in a special guest blog. Bob’s Christmas message is powerful, pertinent, and perky. Here it is, straight from our in-box to yours!

As a year winds down–we can’t escape from the reality of plans and dreams we had a year ago–that just aren’t going to happen.

More people get depressed this time of year than any other.  If you have lost a loved one and this is your first Christmas without that person—it’s what our young folks call “a bummer.”

At the same time this is also the season when hopes are raised by the Christmas story.  Everything about the way Jesus was born—and the timing of his birth says there is hope!

Even His name matters—Jesus means “our Savior.” They also called Him “Immanuel”—God with us. Perhaps the greatest gift any of us can receive at Christmas is knowing that in Jesus–God came into our world—up close and personal as never before—reachable, touchable—and God has never left!

…the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end…
– Isaiah 60:20

At Hope Matters, the heading “Inbox Full of Hope”— caught my attention:
Sign up to receive uplifting news, heartfelt moments, intriguing interviews and more.”

Does it occur to you as it does to me that the Bible offers us uplifting news—heartfelt moments—intriguing interviews—and more—much more?

Heartfelt moments and new beginnings with Bob Deits

These are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg of messages and stories in the Bible that are so uplifting and hope-inspiring they have to be called “Good News.”

Click HERE to get in touch with Bob Deits and view the uplifting news inside his international best seller, Life After Loss.

Bob and June Deits celebrating 60 years of marriage

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