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“Through a Child’s Eyes” – A Mother’s Day dedication (originally published at :

Mother’s Day is coming soon, and it’s an ideal time to look at life through a child’s eyes. Flowers, artistic creations, cards and notes saying, “I love my mommy” will arrive like sunshine into that Sunday morning!

It’s not just Mother’s Day that rouses the importance of Mom though. When breast cancer steps into her life, there’s no waiting for a national holiday to let Mom know how you feel. In the midst of struggling with breast cancer, Mom’s role becomes clearer than ever. That fanciful Mother’s Day hat is temporarily put aside along with her hats of chauffer, chef, and nurse. The sentiments connected with Mother’s Day become everyday hopeful reminders—to help her fight the fight.

Pink roses bring sweet smelling hope. Cards and well-wishes bring hope. Loving words bring hope. Random acts of kindness bring hope. Family and friends who cook, clean, shop and babysit also bring hope to a Mom’s healing journey.

Children bring hope in their own way, too. Story-time requests become more about love’s unspoken power than reading. Putting a blanket over Mom during naptime says “I can help too!” When hope is fading, a child’s simple prayer can shine its light again! Pink ribbons painted on canvas state unspoken compassion—through a child’s eyes.

The toughest part of watching a loved one go through cancer is not being able to fix it. You can’t simply push it back out the door, healing takes time. Oftentimes, the path to healing can be arduous.  Yet, everyone has the ability to make a difference in Mom’s healing journey—including children!

One of the blessings of seeing life through a child’s eyes is that we’re easily reminded of the simple things. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make a child-like difference—focus on the simplest things that say, “I love you Mommy!” Don’t wait for a national holiday or illness to celebrate a loved one’s significance. Embrace life as a gift to unwrap with celebration and purpose!

Maryann Makekau, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Copyright 2011

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