Tips for Making a Difference with Words

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1.Write because you love it.
2. Write as if there is no critic.
3. Write about what really matters to you.
4. Research what’s been done; do what hasn’t been done.
5. Your words tell a story & your illustrations tell a story—together they make your book (this includes cover art).
6. Share your writing with mentors you trust, to gain the confidence to share it with the world.
7. Be open to criticism—wear what fits, throw out what doesn’t.
8. Be realistic, it may take years to make a living as a writer.
9. Post-it-notes & self-texts are your thought-preservers.
10. Keep writing if you love it!
 1. Do what you can do yourself and learn in the process.
2. At a minimum, hire a graphic artist and copy editor.
3. An outstanding website and blog are a must-have.
4. Never sacrifice quality—the details matter!
5. Learn the industry by surfing best-selling authors’ websites.
6. Research sample queries, press releases, press kits, book covers, global topics, news, contacts, etc.
7. Write to subject professionals to gain endorsements with clout.
8. Send thank-you notes to everyone who does anything for you.
9. Be committed (traditional or POD), significant time & effort is required for success.
10. Be passionately obsessive about your work but don’t be self-destructive—maintain a balanced life.
1. Always be professional, positive and polite.
2. Maintain internet bookmarks for press, resources, events, etc.
3. Schedule “marketing days” and “writing days,” you need both.
4. Booking 6-12 months ahead is standard for conferences and retreats, so inquire early.
5. Send press about professional appearances to local newspapers & magazine editors, radio hosts, and/or television reporters.
6. Prepare a marketing plan, press kit, and media kit.
7. Schedule book tours in cities where you have friends & family to save money and enjoy the comforts of like-home while spoiling them a bit.
8. Only hire those as passionate about your books as you!
9. Thoroughly get to know organizations before marrying-up.
10. You’re never done promoting—be creative, be alert & have fun!
1. Stay on a path with encouragers.
2.  Depart from a path with naysayers.
3. Make a gratitude list—every day!
4. Make a difference whenever possible.
5. Never, say “never.”
6. Thank your friends and family for their support and their sacrifices.
7. Give thanks to God; keep in mind that no good work is ever done alone.
8. Take time off—unplug one day a week. (Okay, ½ day but then take a real vacation!)
9. Don’t throw in the towel; just change the towel once in awhile.
10. PRAY
***Strive to make a difference with words…because HOPE matters!***

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  1. Maryann’s tips for wirting, publishing & life are not removed one from the other. Many of her catch phrases overlap and compliment. I especially liked ‘passionately obsessive but don’t be self-destructive’. Thanks, Maryann for simplifying some heavy thought-provoking advice. Good-luck carrying on your messages of hope.

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