16 Pivotal Minutes of Recollection – In Memory of Taira Baughman

It’s May 2013. You have sixteen minutes to collect your life story. With physical, mental and spiritual foundations falling apart, shock is setting in as you grapple with what you see and hear.

A special edition of TIME Magazine will hit the “newsstands and tablets Friday, May 24…dedicated to covering the devastation that followed the pivotal 16 minutes between when sirens first alerted Moore residents and when the tornado touched down.” Miraculously, by all reports, the spiritual fabric of Moore Oklahoma appears in tact, despite widespread physical destruction. People are joining forces – ready to recollect their story.

The sexual assaults plaguing the military are outpacing media coverage of the decade-plus long war overwhelming our military families. The Washington Times points out a commonly unpublicized fact – thousands of members surveyed revealed male-on-male perpetrators (most not in a combat zone). Clearly, sexual assault problems are eroding the fabric of our military. I yearn for exemplary leaders to receive the spotlight — restoring integrity by their steps.

6:00am on May 21st:  like a whisper, I awake feeling the need to pray. I allow my knees to meet the floor, before anything else invades this new day’s sacred space. One more time, I ask God to please end the pain. My thoughts scamper from Oklahoma to our military to my sweet friend battling stage four breast cancer metastasized to her lungs.

I suddenly hear my own breathing as pictures of her four children and her giant-of-courage husband rhythmically float through my praying mind. A wave of peace comes over me, as I remember to thank God for my big sister Donna’s birthday and her part in my life story.

12:30pm: I arrive at Synergy Organic Café to meet an old friend. We are old in spirit not years. Our story began with her post-breast cancer battle and quickly wove through an inexplicable, untimely loss of her husband. We chatter back and forth while pulling up Facebook. The shockwave hits full-force as our eyes meet countless posts.

Hours earlier, our mutual friend left this troubled world behind. In fact, my early-morning prayer very nearly collided with my friend’s culminating life story. There in the company of Tina, my survivor-friend, I began to carry-on the story. Memory by memory, minute by minute, we celebrated Taira Baughman’s life. Her unwavering determination to live through cancer left an indelible faith-filled mark upon our lives, and thousands of others. People will no doubt join forces – ready to recollect chapters of her story.

Last month, I had the privilege of visiting with Taira and her husband. Together, we turned the pages of her life as we talked about her children, their marriage, and her hope in God. With determination in her eyes, Taira told me she was still going to write a book. I reminded her that she already had. Whether her blog remains as pages of entries or becomes bound and covered, her life story will remain in the fabric of thousands upon thousands of lives. We joined hands to pray – entering a sacred space where physical, mental and spiritual foundations are eternally perfect – beyond anything our eyes can see or our minds can imagine. Across-the-board, life is precious and fleeting. Are you ready if you only had 16 pivotal minutes to recount your actions and their impact?

God bless my faith-filled sweet friend, Taira Baughman. You came into our lives leaving footprints in our hearts, paving the way for us to carry on your legacy. ~ With all my love and hugs, Maryann


Please click here to visit Taira’s blog to carry on her legacy of hope. Help us care for her children in lieu of flowers — take these steps to help eradicate the financial destruction left behind by cancer:

On-line Caring:

Snail-mail Caring:
The Taira Baughman Benefit Account
SunTrust Bank
15375 Lebanon Road
Old Hickory, TN 37138

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  1. Blessings to Taira and her family. Her legacy, her spark of life, and her hope for living will not die because of her husband, children, and friends such as yourself. Maybe there will be a written book regarding her legacy but one is already wriiten on hearts of others. The journey of cancer has left it’s mark of loss but also brought God’s love to the forefront as exhibited by many who were a part of her life. She will be remembered not as a cancer victim but as a sweet child of Jesus who gave His love and shared His hope for eternity. My prayers go out to her family and those like you who carry the banner of hope because hope does matter.

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