3 things that matter most!

3 things that matter most when sharing difficult news with children:

Being Honest – Children are incredibly perceptive. They naturally sense when someone they love is having a hard time. Although it may be tempting to protect them from “worry” or “confusion,” not telling a child the truth only leads to exaggerated worry, confusion and fear—even undue self-blame. 

Being Helpful – When children are informed in an age-appropriate, gentle way they become helpful participants rather than helpless observers. Empowering them to make a difference when a loved one is struggling, teaches them resourcefulness and compassion. Those are strengths that will benefit them for life!

Sharing Hope – There is no such thing as “false hope.”  HOPE is a gift that shines even in the darkest of circumstances.  Children have a remarkable way of blessing others with hope when given the opportunity. Their precious drawings, pure words, and gentle hugs are perfect examples of hope with a beautiful impact. Children should always be encouraged to share their gifts of hope.

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