3 Ways to Blow Today Out of the Water

Whatever you are facing, take a chance on sharing it with someone else. It might just blow your day out of the water.

    • Interpretation of failure matters much more than the act of failing. If we get fail-stuck we miss the insights, lessons, and gems necessary to fail-forward. Instead of fearing failure we ought to embrace it. Failure is an inevitable part of life. Failure is a device to sharpen our character. Failure provides “aha moments” capable of blowing us out of the water. Failure is often the way to arrive at, “I didn’t know something so good could come out of something so bad.

    • The tendency to go it alone may save face if it doesn’t work out (whatever it may be), but we also lose connection in doing so. We miss out on hearing what we need to hear versus what we (may) want to hear. We miss out on another person’s thoughts and ideas, which may be just the mind-blown feedback needed all along. To the tune of Joe Cocker’s voice, I get by with a little help from my friends.

    • Plans are only as good as our flexibility. When we envision something – or someone – in a fixed way it can lead our hearts astray. The greatest strength in businesses, families, and life itself lies in the ability to embrace change. Nothing is more constant than change. Young or old, sooner or later, we will all be challenged to change. Being flexible allows us to respond appropriately (and lovingly) when something suddenly blows our idea (of what should have been) out of the water.


    A Lone Swan is a Lonely Swan. Whatever you are facing, take a chance on sharing it with someone else. Take a chance on leaning on another for strength and wisdom. Take a chance on experiencing something more than what you alone can know. Your plan might be utterly blown out of the water, and replaced by something far more powerful and ultimately healing.

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