5 Quick Ways To Avoid Criticism

Head_Shot_MaryannThere is a time and a place for criticism. In the right context, it can even be helpful if handled constructively. Yet, when it’s harsh or inappropriate, it makes us want to retreat and avoid it at all cost. In witnessing several mishandled criticisms this past week, it got me thinking about how we might avoid it.

5 quick ways to avoid criticism:
– don’t do anything for anyone else
– don’t give your time, energy, or love away
– don’t make a difference for someone
– don’t share your thoughts, goals or dreams
– don’t listen to anyone’s opinion on anything

I know what you’re thinking. Well, that’s one crazy list! I agree 100%. The only way you’re ever going to avoid criticism in life is to live by the list … and then disappear into a hermit lifestyle. My point here is to highlight what an empty and purposeless life we would lead if we spent our time avoiding the critics. They will, unfortunately, always be among us. Don’t let them stop you. Let’s encourage one another. Be a light of hope to hurting people. In the words of Sheila Jones at Team Martina, let’s show our children “love’s the only house big enough.”  Do something for someone else! Do give your time, energy and love away! Do make a difference for someone! Do share your thoughts, goals and dreams! Do listen to others’ opinion on some things! Do it Anyway, despite the criticisms.
Thanks for the reminder, Martina McBride.


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  1. This is absolutely great and everybody needs this advice. Thank you for sharing!! Blessings and keep the hope flowing!

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