All Circuits Are Not Busy—Call Mom!

No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I will call Mom on Mother’s Day. That’s the luxury of cell phones; there’s little excuse for missing that important call. Years ago, we relied on “land lines” and if you didn’t call early morning or late in the evening, you’d be competing with the millions of others trying to call mom. Calling during peak times meant dialing continuously until you got through…past the annoying “all circuits are busy, try your call again later” message. Mother’s Day is still declared the busiest Sunday of the year for phone calls!

Now that I’ve dated myself, I want to emphasize the importance of calling mom. From the point that I left home for the military, I made regular phone calls home. Often living what seemed a world away, the phone was my only connection. There weren’t other options like Skype, e-mail and texts. There was only one other: “snail mail.” I preferred hearing my mother’s voice. Just like theUniversityofWisconsinstudy emphasized, “Hearing your mother’s voice has the same calming effect as a hug.” I affectionately call those virtual hugs! I still prefer those voice virtual hugs over technological advances.

Growing up, I noticed that my mother didn’t readily share her writing with others. I remember watching her create poem after poem inside notebooks that she’d tuck away; she was a “closet writer.” Yet, I know that her love of words was definitely a gift that I inherited. In fact, one of her poems is inside my newest Little Pink Book! My mom also loved doing Jack LaLanne exercises as she watched his show. She whispered, “say your prayers” in my ear each night. To this day, I regularly exercise and say my prayers.

I also remember watching my mom care for others less fortunate than her. My mom’s best friend, Diane had multiple sclerosis and wasn’t able to do many things herself. Basic tasks like eating, bathing and transporting were time-consuming even with help. Yet, that didn’t faze my mom. She helped Diane at home and then took her everywhere possible. You see, my mother got her license late in life, at 36 years old. I believe she celebrated that milestone by playing shuttle driver for Diane, all the while blessing her friend with the ordinary pleasures of shopping and eating out. Mom exemplified one of my favorite mottos: bless others and you will be blessed!

My mother turned 79 in March and I wasn’t a world away. The biggest joy was surprising her; she had no idea that my husband and I were coming home. All the family went to her favorite restaurant, Perkins. Isn’t it interesting to see the tables turn with age? Nowadays, I’m the one surprising my mom, caring for her when possible and celebrating ordinary pleasures.

I didn’t get everything I wanted from my mother, but there’s a lot that I did get. On Mother’s Day and beyond, I’m thankful for every one of those gifts. Too many things can easily pass us right by. What are the gifts your mom has given you? Celebrate this Mother’s Day by picking up the phone and thanking her. Hear her voice and feel the virtual hug. If she’s already gone home, say a prayer…she’ll still hear you. Share your love with mom. Hope will swell inside your heart, making Huge Outcomes Possible Everyday!

We Love You Mommy–sitting next to me wearing that cute green hat!

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