Coincidental Appointments

When spontaneous things happen, people often say “what a coincidence!” I believe that every coincidence is actually an appointment. Keeping our eyes open allows us to see appointments as they’re put in our path. Keeping our heart open allows us to do something when the appointment arrives. It’s then, that we become instruments of God’s hope for others.

Two days ago, I emailed a couple who listed a desk for sale online. I’d been shopping around awhile for just the right size and price. After several emails back & forth with them, we set a time to meet. As my husband & I loaded the desk into our truck we chatted with this young couple. We talked about their recent move to our area, the family they’d left behind, and their jobs. That led us to talking about my writing & the subjects of cancer, deployments and Alzheimer’s. That stirred them to ask questions about the cancer books.

The heart of our appointment was coincidentally revealed–his mom was battling breast cancer. It was immediately clear that this was God’s perfect timing. The desk was simply the instrument that brought us together, the purpose was for encouragement rather than merchandise.

We agreed to meet up again, for the signed copy of When Your Mom Has Cancer they requested. My husband & I added another Mom to our prayer list that evening. Coincidences are always God’s appointments. When we acknowledge them as such we become instruments to make a difference, at just the right time. With our open eyes & hearts, we’re given the opportunity to share HOPE—because hope matters in every day in every life.

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  1. Amen! God always has a hand in arranging these events but seldom do we think or acknowledge how He might be working in us and with us. Thank you for sharing this testimony. It affirms and strengthens my faith in the Lord.

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