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LinkedIn is an incredible network of entrepreneurial spirited individuals. Along with meeting my radio co-host, Rob Harris, through the virtual network, I’ve been privileged to discover many other amazing people. What is more striking to me than their innovative ideas is their heart-felt passion for making a difference. Through a series of guest blogs, I want to introduce you to some of those I’ve corresponded with over time.

My first guest created a foundation backed with scientific researchers in the United States and Nigeria. Courage to Dare helps alleviate cultural stigmas surrounding breast cancer and partners with other organization to provide free or affordable screenings and medical treatments for those diagnosed. We’re honored to introduce you to Juliet Aguwa.

Introducing — Guest blogger, Juliet U. Aguwa
Courage To Dare Foundation

Thank you for connecting with me, Maryann. My name is Juliet Aguwa, a cancer survivor. I’m originally from Nigeria but am an American Citizen with an organization that focuses on cancer awareness among African women, both in the United States and Africa. Through awareness and education, our objective is to cut down on the cultural stigma and death rate. 

I was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer in September of 2008, within two months of my routine medical check. I can’t tell you the shock and disbelief of how my world spiraled out of control. The only thing I remember saying to my physician/surgeon was “I want to raise my kids because nobody can love them better than I can.” I acted like it was a death sentence as thoughts of my little angels — my daughters and my dear husband of (then) 5 years flooded my mind; I thought I’d drown in my tears.

Having personally gone through an aggressive diagnosis of breast cancer and emerging as a survivor, I knew I had to do something for the thousands of women facing it. My vision for Courage To Dare was born with the goal of bringing breast cancer awareness to under-served women, especially women in Africa, and subsequently reducing the mortality rates and stigma caused by cancer. Courage to Dare has hosted several inaugural programs, including an educational breast cancer program since 2010. Our campaign has earned us recognition globally by healthcare leaders, including notable media moguls like Oprah Winfrey. This not only was overwhelming, but it gave a voice to all the effort in trying to help Africans. I have been fortunate to visit many villages and states in Africa, providing awareness education.

Today, I am embarking on these projects:  guest_blogger

• A Docudrama that highlights the stories from African women, their struggles with Breast Cancer and a break in the silence of the unspoken subject. 
• A Talk-show “Juliet” – The show will focus on addressing the issues on Cancer in Africa. It will be dedicated to improving the health education, human welfare, and opportunities for youth, adults and families to voice out their concerns on the disease. 

Proceeds from projects will benefit cancer intervention programs ranging from screening, treatments and disease management to diagnosed women, more especially, the less privileged patients unable to access or afford such services. 

Thank you again, Maryann, for setting a standard of great accomplishment. In hopes, I look forward to working with you to make a world without cancer a reality.  

Visit Juliet’s at Courage To Dare Foundation and watch her newest video.

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