Dr Mari’s Health & Hope Corner – November 2011

Dr Mari’s Health & Hope Corner: November 2011

Life is for Living!

by: Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD

            I wrote this dead-end poem twenty years ago after losing my beautiful mother to breast cancer:

Ode to Cancer

Damn you.

The end.

            The poignant poem painted a picture of exactly how I felt. Shocked. Lost. Even hopeless. The seeming end of someone so joyful and significant was unthinkable.

Years later, I am writing a new poem with my life. By God’s grace, I’ve experienced the comfort, beauty and joy of the words from Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” I discovered the gift of grieving over the losses of life. Through mourning, I experienced a deep understanding of the gift that is life and gained a new passion for living – for being fully alive. I learned that, as we face our pain and our fears, they begin to be transformed. There are things that we simply must walk through when we’d rather walk around them.

These days I feel alive! As I share life’s trials, challenges and pain with honesty, others experience healing and learn to accept and even embrace suffering as a necessary path to healing. As I speak hope into people’s fears, I sense a new spark of life. And as I love others, I find that I am fully alive, for it all comes back to me in unexpected blessings – gifts of grace.

So I’m writing a new poem in the way that I live my life, and here’s what it looks like.

 Ode to Life

 My hands are open;

my heart is free.

I am new.

And as I live with hope and share in love,

I am alive!

 I will live

every second

while I am still alive.

And when I breathe my last,

I know, then, I will live,

without end.

 There is only blessing, now.

Now and forever.

Without end.

             Life is a gift. Every moment matters. And we are here to love.


Dr Mari

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