Dreamy Potential

Last night I had a dream that I was singing and God was smiling! Anyone who’s heard me sing, knows that was either a “pipe dream” or my imagination doing me a favor. The interesting thing is that I awoke with a smile on my face!

As I reflected on that dream today, I got a warm fuzzy! You know, that good feeling from knowing you did something good? No matter how dreamy the idea or how small the difference, our actions have the potential to affect others in a big way. To think of my song-voice bringing a smile to God’s face revealed some pretty whimsical things, beyond my dreamy potential.

We tend to view ourselves through our weaknesses first, and then through our strengths. Yet, I think this is backwards because our strengths have the potential to transform our weaknesses. Therefore, such a view seriously limits our potential!

My tone-deaf singing probably does make God smile. Even though I consider it one of my greatest weaknesses, few things give me greater pleasure and peace than to sing my heart out! I’m betting that it does bring Him happiness to see me experience such great joy! I’ve even felt joy while singing with tears of sadness puddling in my lap. That’s such a beautiful restoration.

My dream showed me that when God is smiling on you, there’s no label of¬† “weakness” or “strength.” It’s your heart and your potential that matter to God. Instead of dwelling in weaknesses or strengths, dwell in your potential to make a difference in a hurting world. Whether a vocalist or tone-deaf, we each have the potential to bring music to listening ears–share a joyful noise today! Share HOPE—because hope matters!

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