Eglin AFB Book Signing Photos

These pictures highlight some of the “pink moments” during the December 17-19th, 2009 book signing.  Some of my favorite moments while at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida include:

-A mother who shared that her 2nd grader’s teacher had just been diagnosed with breast cancer…my Little Pink Book became a Christmas gift.

-The security police officer who bought the book just because he LOVED the illustrations!

-Reconnected with an old friend when her father stopped by my table and bought a copy to take to her for Christmas!

-Visited with some of the ladies from the Eglin Breast Cancer Support group where I presented When Your Teacher Has Cancer back in November 2009.  I was blessed to hear their stories of courage and healing – so much change in just one month!  God is so good!

-The couple who bought more than a dozen copies to take to schools in FL, CO and TX – amazing!

-The man who smiled like a boy who had found a cookie jar when he discovered my book signing.  He bought a copy for his teacher/wife for Christmas, saying “she will love it!”

-The ones who just came by for love, prayer, and to receive a listening ear as they told me how cancer had affected their life.

Every event is completed by the support of friends and family!   Chuck, thanks for sharing my pink-days, along with Karen, Sam, Derek, Abby, Dorothy, David and so many others who came to cheer on my efforts.  Thanks, Vicki for beautiful pink flowers and Tony for artsy pink pens, filled with pink ink!  And Liz for my organic-knit pink scarf!  I am blessed by the spirit, love and courage of all who read and share these Little Pink Books and by those who accompany me on this journey!

2 thoughts on “Eglin AFB Book Signing Photos”

  1. i looovee the pictures! very fun day, that was. haha, and truly very interesting. cant wait to see you. whoever made the website did great! its really easy and fun. love yaa <3

    1. Abby,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and the Eglin book event. It’s a beautiful sight to paint the day “pink” and the grinch sure enjoyed helping out too!
      I will pass your comment to my webmaster!

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