Happy Halloween – All Treats and No Tricks!

Halloween was an exceptionally fun holiday while I was growing up in New York. My father’s birthday is today; he was born in 1931. My dad still shares his humorous explanation for being born a Halloween baby: “My mother got spooked and out I came!”

My four siblings and I made our costumes every year. We went trick-or-treating with pillow cases as collection sacks. My big sister, Ruthie, was the artistic one in the bunch and she was never short on ideas. From imaginative costumes to playful schemes, she made things more fun. One year she declared that we could double our portion by emptying our sacks at home and then going around to every home again!

The days of hundreds of children going door-to-door in costume has been vastly replaced by community events. I’m happy to see that costume contests, candy eating and pumpkin carvings are still in full force…at least from what I see on Facebook news. Tonight, we’ll celebrate my dad’s 81st birthday, answer the doorbell for a few trick-or-treaters, eat some candy, watch cheesy scary movies and light up the pumpkins. 

There are thousands of deployed military dads & moms who are missing their children in costume; we must continue to remember their everyday sacrifices, as well as their ultimate ones. Breast cancer awareness month ends today; we must continue to be aware if we are to make a difference.  My husband and I carved two pumpkins to treat others with “glowing” hopeful reminders of those points.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy this playful holiday. Post photos of your artistic creations on our Facebook page! See the link below. 🙂

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