Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams Aren’t Just Icing on the Cake

11008772_10203912821566363_467758150934459467_nToday is my 54th birthday. I’ve never been shy about sharing my age. With every passing year I feel privileged to say I’m a little older … and perhaps a little wiser. Our hopes, wishes and dreams aren’t just icing on the cake. They are the cake! Without them we risk losing sight of our reason for being here. I know what some of you are thinking. I’ve heard it from plenty of people …

I don’t know my purpose for being here. I’m still trying to figure it out.

The problem lies in the fact that too many people are looking for one purpose. Sunday night I attended a Chris Tomlin and 10th Avenue North concert, having bought five tickets. I’ve long believed birthdays are an opportunity to bless those who’ve blessed us. As I sat in the arena absorbing favorite songs among four of my closest friends, I was struck by Chris’ mention of collective effort.  It’s not about what one person can do. It’s about realizing everyone has gifts and abilities to bring to the table. Exactly!


When I stopped worrying about finding my purpose and just started living out my hopes, wishes and dreams, something incredible happened. I realized those hopes, wishes and dreams that I’d held so tightly weren’t just for me … they became inspiration for others. My cake became their icing! Our time here on earth is limited by the number of birthdays we are given. So, we really don’t have to be still and wait until we feel capable or good enough to make a difference. Our purpose isn’t a one-act show to be played over and over again. It’s a collection to be tapped throughout our lifetime. Maya Angelou said it most eloquently: When you learn, teach, when you get, give.

I hope for many more birthdays. I wish for more opportunities to bless others. I dream of what the icing will be like on my “heavenly” cake. Chris Tomlin gave me a glimpse of that at The Concert Table. Celebrate today as if it’s your birthday.  After all, every day is a gift!

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