Let’s Stop Making America Hate Again

Whoa there! There’s a time and a place to be spoon-fed. We are born with a dependence for others to feed us, in numerous ways.  From food to nourish our bodies to schooling to nourish our minds to faith to nourish our spirits, we absorb it all one spoon at time. There is a time and a place and a purpose for it. Sadly though, it seems we are becoming spoon-fed to our detriment.


When put-downs, insults, and sound-bites are indulged, we become a catalyst for America to hate again.  Surely, it doesn’t make your day to chew on negative comments and bad news. A brief recorded statement broadcast on a news program or social media may grab the attention of many but THINK about it. Is it True, is it Helpful, Is it Inspiring, Is it Necessary, Is it Kind?  I am describing the worst side of politics (and, for some, daily interaction). Sadly, too many people are indulging what does not THINK at all.

Damaging rhetoric meant to divide and conquer appears to be winning out over speaking truth and helping others. Have they not heard what what Susie says about Sally? Ethics isn’t solely a branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct; it represents our very fiber as human beings. 


Imagine if what Susie said of Sally was true, helpful, inspiring, and kind? Surely, she (or he) would be admired and respected for her (or his) ethical (and common) sense.


I know. It’s a no-brainer, right? The solution requires little to no thought. Sadly, we couldn’t be further from it in this election season.  Some days it infuriates me and I want to unplug — especially, when the spoon-feeding evidences that Susie has no concern for Sally or others like her.


Let’s face it. Some will vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman; the same way some voted for Barack simply because he is black.  And some, will vote for Donald simply because he is not a politician.  This is no more a gender-race now than previously a race-race. It fact, we desperately need it to be a restoration race. We need the world to know who we are by our love, by our sense of human decency, by our decision to stop making America hate again.


It begins with each of us. Stop sharing the hateful, divisive, worst-side of political rhetoric (and life that mimics it).  Let go of what puts a sour taste in your mouth. To the greatest extent possible, dig for (and share) what you know to be true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind. Encourage the candidates to do the same. Implore them to talk about themselves and what they will bring to America’s restoration race, instead of what they despise in one another.  Demand humility and depth of character by silencing the put-downs and insults. Share sound-bites that have real potential to heal the hurting and magnify hope in America.


Let’s stop being spoon-fed and dig a little (perhaps a lot) deeper.  Go past the sound-bites, insults, and put-downs to deeply understand who you’re voting for and why.  Let’s be a catalyst to make America (and our neighbors) choose to love more deeply.  Share more of what appeals to our moral fiber as human beings, that which ultimately increases our sense of safety, belonging, and mattering.


That sums up what has been weighing heavily on my heart. God help us. Ultimately, we have choices to make.  Feel free to share what you THINK … as long as it’s true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Making America Hate Again”

  1. Well said. In looking for the silver lining perhaps we are being shown how much anger, hatred and fear has been simmering in the hearts of a LOT of otherwise nice Americans. Hopefully this turns out to be a healing, like the vomiting that releases food poisoning from our system..

  2. Dear Maryann,

    Blessings and thanks for your writing my friend Maryann. Your article hits to the core of what needs to be said about the subject about hate talk in our country. I appreciate so much your inspiring thoughts to move all people to think and get past the rhetoric and communicate about the real issues facing our great land. This is needed to be heard by the candidates and electorate alike! Blessings and thanks for sharing these thoughts with us. I will share your article with others.

    Please keep inspiring us and keep us moving towards hope because it does matter. Hope is foundational to our every dream of something better.

    Praying for you my friend and to your family for both health, joy and peace in the way of our Lord Jesus

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