Making a difference

November 24, 2009 my press release announced When Your Teacher Has Cancer coming on-line for buyers.  Since its availability on December 1st, sales have continued in a steady-stream: on-line, at book signings and various presentations and promotional events.  In the short time since that initial marketing, all development and production costs for this title have been recouped and this title is already giving back to breast cancer research!

When I set out to create this book for my best friend, I saw only her need…but God certainly had bigger plans.  My illustrator (@20/30north Studios) and I are now poised to release the Spanish translation of this title – thank you Amaryllis Sanchez Wohlever, MD for all your work in this! Next to hit the market in March will be two additional titles for mothers fighting this fight. 

I am honored to continue this work, to bring hope and blessing to those who journey the difficult path of breast cancer.  I am honored to share my gifts of writing in a way that makes a palpable difference in breast cancer research.  I am blessed by every event in which I share this Little Pink Book series.  I pray daily for my steps, for the “next” door, for heart-felt endorsements and the ability to touch lives…with my passion and God’s enormous love.

My readers and enthusiasts – you are my wings, as I am amazed at how this entire series has taken flight. Thank you.

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