5 Questions that Will Change What Happens this Year

441 Posts later, it is high time I ask you several important questions. I began this blog in January 11, 2010 with three intentions: to inspire people, to bring hope into their lives, and to share tangible ways to make a difference in the world — all from my little corner of the world. The stories I have written and shared with you about cancer, Alzheimer’s and/or military family life, have come from my own experiences as well as walking alongside others in those journeys. While I’m sure I have covered those topics here and there (on this blog and elsewhere in books, events, interviews, etc.), I am unsure if I have covered what really matters to you.

Thus, I have five questions that will change what happens this year.

  1. What does this blog bring to you day? Inspiration, hope, help, or something else?

3 thoughts on “5 Questions that Will Change What Happens this Year”

  1. My baby girl Smiles from Heaven at this phenomenal memorial in her honor. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart ❤️-Sheila

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