Redefining Valentines leftovers, I love you’s, and such

Every Valentine’s Day the story looks the same. People scurry around to secure dinner reservations, buy presents, and search for creative ways to say I Love You. I want to yell STOP! If you love your loves, is it not then Valentine’s Day every day?

I don’t want to blur the picture, just yet. Let’s look at the official definition of the day, in honor of St. Valentine. February 14th is observed as a time for sending valentines, according to Merriam-Webster. Hmm … I wonder how many the mail carriers delivered. The English-Oxford definition hits a little closer to popular culture with “a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to.”

Still, I want to yell STOP! I love my love every day. Every day I want to show my love how I love him, why I love him, and do things just because I love him. Every year, I tell him I don’t need flowers but I like the spontaneous ones (on the other 364 I love you days). So, this Valentine’s Day, I woke up to one incredible flower – hand-picked from our yard, placed in a vase, lying beside a precious I Love You card, and a small tin of macadamia nut chocolates – oh, I do love those. 😉
I smiled and thought, awe I really love him.

To avoid the once a year expressionists of love, I requested we simply grab a quiet meal and sit on the beach. Both being still on the mend from a nasty bug, it was best for us to steer clear of the crowds.  Besides that, I was feeling rather blue having just lost a dearest one. We pulled onto the island and found a little place tucked away, overlooking The Gulf. We sat down on a sofa, right there on the sand, beneath a clear and starry night; a definite wow moment.

This was my version of celebration. Quiet – Peaceful – Still – Remarkable – Simple – Light. The adjectives kept dancing through my head, even as the server handed me a rose. I didn’t even yell STOP. After all, I am not a scrooge on Valentine’s Day. I just want to see the I love you’s hit home – in so many more homes across the world – every single day, for no reason other than love is meant to be magnified.

Say I love you when you wake up. Say I love you when you say good bye for work or school. Say I love you when you text or call mid-day. Say I love you before you go to sleep. Say I love you in between it all. You see, your words are the gift and you are giving a present just by your very presence. STOP and just be, with your loved one, in the still of the moment. In the quiet, absorb the simple things in life. The time is now. How about we redefine Valentines Day? Forget those gifts meant as forget-me-not’s, now serving as dust bunnies. Forget the pounds of chocolate we wish were leftover somewhere outside of our bodies. Let’s survey our hearts. Make room for more I Love You’s in our daily walk of life.

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