Rock & Roller-Coaster Parenting

Perhaps, the best way for me to introduce our featured guest blogger is to share his values. Dr Richard Norris’ list is more than inspirational — it’s pure medicine for the heart, mind and soul.


  • Faith – embody it
  • Family – love it
  • Integrity – live it
  • Excellence – achieve it7052_419156708182845_670557572_n
  • Generosity – give it
  • Gratitude – show it
  • Abundance – share it

Dr Richard provides a brilliant view of leadership for life’s difficult journeys with Rock & Roller-Coaster Parenting:

There is not a parent alive who has not faced a crisis or two. You may even be going through one or more right now. Sickness. Bankruptcy. Unemployment. Deployment. Death of a loved one. Separation. Divorce. The list goes on.

As parents, we are leaders. That never changes. It’s especially true in a crisis. Our families look to us for leadership. A crisis can make or break a family. That’s why it is imperative to start building strong foundations in your leadership and family from Day 1. Cornerstones will be your values, beliefs, relationships and the strength of love and faith.

If your leadership is not rock solid before a crisis then there is significantly less hope it will be in a crisis. My dad oversaw the entire project of the World Financial Center in NYC. I recall him describing how the foundations had to be so deep and anchored to the bedrock deep down. Without those foundations the building could not stand. A good analogy.

Even when we want to run, we have to be strong. It’s our choice. We’re only as strong as our foundations. You can be sure that whatever you face, it threatens to be an emotional roller-coaster for all concerned. I don’t know about you, but I used to hate roller-coasters. They terrified me. They went too fast, threw me around, made me scream, seemed endless and really turned my stomach.

Sounds a bit like parenting.

Parenting is a roller-coaster. It’s never a smooth ride. It can be scary. There are ups and downs, twists and turns, shakes and throws and varying speeds. Many a time you just want to get off (well…I do). One challenge. You cannot. Once a parent always a parent. Know this…if that’s how you feel…how do you think your kids or your spouse feel?

My kids love the movie, “Despicable Me.” The best part is when Gru is at the fun fair. He reluctantly has to ride with his “daughters” on the roller-coaster. They’re excited. He is not. His response is as I described above. Yet, that ride became a turning point when he changed his perspective. Then he stepped up and became a parent. He chose to enjoy it all after that.

No matter what you’re facing, you’ll get through this. You’re not alone. Divided we fall. United we stand. Parenting is a partnership and a support club. When you feel you cannot handle it, there is always help to hand. Someone else has been through it. Just ask.

Rest assured you’re not perfect. None of us are.  Fear not. Have faith. What you focus on tends to happen.

Fear is just misplaced faith. You have more faith in “What ifs?” than in “What will be.”

Change your perspective. Be a rock & roller-coaster parent. Sometimes it’s simply just knowing that  there is always something for which to be grateful…even if it’s just that the ride has stopped.

Be Awesome! ~ Dr Richard Norris
Founder of Leading Men Only

Now, here’s a short bio about Dr Richard and his heart-vested work to make a global difference. Links follow to get his book, get in touch and get even more inspired!

Dr Richard Norris is the founder of Leading Men Only, where he is fulfilling his passion to empower and equip men to lead better at work, rest and play. Dr Richard’s also Europe’s foremost speaker on transformational self-leadership. He distills practical messages and strategies into engaging stories, examples and executions that encourage, educate and elicit results. Along Dr Richard’s own “Journey of Success” he has been and/or is a husband, father, competitive swimmer, veterinarian, army officer, MBA, unemployed and award-winning business and executive coach.

Dr Richard’s first book, Hoof it! 7 Key Lessons on Your Journey of Success, is a repeat finalist in book awards.
He has co-edited and contributed to books and magazines on leadership, business development and parenting. Dr Richard lives by the adage a healthy body is a healthy mind. And… just so you know he is a Canadian residing in Scotland!

Visit Dr Richard Norris’ website here and get his award winning book , Hoof it! 7 Key Lessons on Your Journey of Success here (Finalist 2012 National Indie Excellence Book Award & America’s Favorite Author Award)

Go here for more of Dr Richard’s awesome messages on YouTube.RichardNorris_Hoofit FB

Get in touch with Dr Richard:
By phone +44 (0)1738 827813
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Now, we’ll finish out with a touch of whimsy that we gathered up about Dr Richard:

He makes the world’s best banana and chocolate chip muffins! 😉

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