Spark of Hope #25 – No Hill Too Steep

Spark of Hope #25 – No matter what experience or textbook cases tell us about our circumstances, there’s always the potential for huge outcomes.  I’ve heard stories from military families of surprise home-comings just when a deployed member’s absence was taking its toll. My heart swelled hearing the story of a woman fighting infection amidst late stages of Alzheimer’s. Good-byes were said while a last-chance antibiotic was intravenously administered. Overnight, the family was saying Hello to their restored loved one! I’ve met cancer patients who were given a 10% chance; there they stood before me, years after that prognosis! To me, those kind of outcomes are comparable to watching the Super Bowl yesterday. Up to the last minute the potential for huge outcomes exists. Watching the game made me want to celebrate every one of those stories again—Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday!

 With Hope — no hill is too steep!

Hope is like a spark; if the conditions are right, it can spread like wildfire. Hope feeds the soul, ignites passion, and inspires others. Tucked inside each of us is a child-like spark that says: never forget to dream, play and imagine. HOPE is the extraordinary spark that says Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday!

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