Spark of Hope #31 – Keep On!

Spark of Hope #31 – One of the tips I share during workshops is: be careful who you’re listening toguard your vision and your heart. When I self-published my first book, I heard from a few naysayers who told me to remove “prayer” as a tool. Their logic was that my books wouldn’t be picked up by public schools if I didn’t take prayer out. My vision and my heart said “no” to the naysayers. I knew I had to Keep On sharing the story. That led to invitations around the nation, including schools and much more. Last night, my team-mate Deborah and I met with chaplains of the 7th Special Forces Group. They were not only embracing the tools, they were asking for a program series based on all those tools! When you examine who you’re listening to, and you Keep On guarding your vision and your heart, Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday!

Keep your focus on what God put inside your heart!

Hope is like a spark; if the conditions are right, it can spread like wildfire. Hope feeds the soul, ignites passion, and inspires others. Tucked inside each of us is a child-like spark that says: never forget to dream, play and imagine. HOPE is the extraordinary spark that says Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday!

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