Spark of Hope #83 — Forever Moments of Mommy and Me

Spark of Hope #83 – This past Monday, we had an excellent guest on our Because Hope Matters Radio Program. Rob Harris (my co-host) and I appreciated Joy Loverde’s knowledge and insight about caring for elderly parents. When I asked her what she’d consider to be the best gift for Mother’s Day, she said “time.” That really struck a chord with me. My husband and I raised our children amid his 28-year military career. We moved frequently, saw our families infrequently, and seldom spent “time” with them outside of holidays and random visits. It’s funny, though, how life has a way of bringing us full circle. My parents recently moved south, settling just five minutes away from us! We are now spending quite a bit of time together. We’re learning new things about my elderly parents; we’re shedding old assumptions; and we’re finding peace in old short-falls. As Joy said during our program, there are unexpected blessings that come in caring for elderly parents. Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday when HOPE becomes your caregiver co-pilot.     

In honor of Mother’s Day, I encourged our Facebook friends to write a letter, compose a song, or create a poem to say thank you to your Mommy this Sunday. Here’s my attempt to mimic my mother’s gift of poetry writing:

Forever Moments – Mommy and Me

 Onto the rug tears did fall

Too young for the bus at three

“Maryann” I hear her call

Time will pass like a lightening spree

 Follow the leader she goes

Jack Lalanne is the dream

Big muscles plus all he knows

As me and baby brother scream

 Forever Moments – Mommy and Me

 Take the pencil hold it tight

One by one writing is the game

Now press with all your might

Voilà you wrote your name

 Fire flies go blink in the night

As she delivers a final kick-ball pitch

With team of five kids dimly in sight

Stealing bases before her eyes could switch

 Forever Moments – Mommy and Me

 “Maryann” I hear her call

Like lightening spree, time sped past

Too old to lead lest I fall

Stay with me don’t go too fast

Onto the rug our tears did fall

Team of five kids still in sight

Share hope’s muscle – stand tall

One by one seize the moment with all your might

 Savor the Forever Moments – Mommy and Me


Hope is like a spark; if the conditions are right, it can spread like wildfire. Hope feeds the soul, ignites passion, and inspires others. Tucked inside each of us is a child-like spark that says: never forget to dream, play and imagine. HOPE is the extraordinary spark that says Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday!

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  1. Beautiful tribute, Maryann, and one that brings a tear to my eye.
    Blessings to you and your mother – Happy Mother’s Day!

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