Spark of Hope # 99 – If Pictures Could Talk!

Lili discovers a very cold
“elf on the shelf.”

Spark of Hope #99 – There are stories behind every picture. If you show two people the same photograph and ask what they see, you will undoubtedly hear two different “stories.” In precious moments spent with our loved ones — from children to seniors — we would surely learn a lot if pictures could talk. Photographs have a way of taking us back in time and they literally spark our emotions! Today, I’m honored to present a visual diary of HOPE and LOVE, through the eyes of photographer, Sharon May. During her recent photo shoot at Magnolia Manor Senior Center, she captured the essence of HOPE  Huge Outcomes are Possible Everyday — wherever you are along the spectrum of life.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” … what do the pictures say to you?


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