Speaking Roses, Inspiring Change, Blooming Hope

Roses are red (and white and yellow and …),
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.

The origins of the poem can be traced back to the year 1590, written by Sir Edmund Spenser. Historically, he is considered one of the greatest poets in the English language. Today words (and opinions) are easily thrown around without much thought to their lasting impact. What if our social media posts circled around for 400-some years? Would we consider those posts to be as speaking roses, inspiring change, and blooming hope in others’ lives? How about those increasingly rare face-to-face conversations, are they more often than not sweet as sugar, and capable of lifting another through difficult times?

Tender, thoughtful words can help us find peace during life’s worst tragedies. As if someone is speaking roses, hope begins to bloom anew.

During a recent trip to Utah, we took up our daily walk on a greenway tucked behind the hotel. It was on that track of undeveloped land we noticed a sign: Speaking Roses. We took turns guessing what kind of business has such a name. “Maybe they give coaching sessions; or maybe they specialize in public relations; or perhaps they help companies enhance communication among employees,” so we thought.

Turns out Speaking Roses developed a way to put inspiring messages on rose petals. No more need to tuck cards inside bouquets; the flowers can speak for themselves. “Expression combined with human emotions and the glamour of flowers,” describes their mission of sweet as sugar imprints. Petals hold words like super mom, happy birthday, forever, and I love you.

Walking the greenway provided my husband and me with a daily sense of peace; a great complement to our weekend getaway to Capitol Reef National Park. The two weeks of work mixed with play led us down a path of literally speaking roses, inspiring change, and blooming hope for our future. Chances are slim that anything we say will be circulating 400 years from now. Yet, we absorb the power of our words in every moment, right here and right now. Such a small part of the body, the tongue has the power of life and death, scripture says.

In essence, we are all coaching one another, with our words. We dabble in public and human relations with every social media post. We enhance or diminish communication with each and every conversation, electronically or face-to-face. Without a shadow of a doubt, we have the capacity to be poetry in motion, speaking roses to one another and blooming hope inside the darkest of hours. Therein we can experience joy, whatever our circumstances. That is a powerful, mindful, peaceful place to be.

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  1. Maryann,
    You are beautiful inside & out. And just know what to say. Things have been rough health wise this year, but you have always been their for me. Bless you, you are an angel.
    Love you much,

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