The Elf on The Shelf — Bloom Where You’re Planted!

I have a sign in my kitchen that says “every day is a gift.” To appreciate the fullness of that gift, I think it’s important to bloom where you’re planted. I have some really big dreams about what I’d like to accomplish. Yet, focusing too much on my dreams, could cause me to lose sight of what’s right in front of me. So, I celebrate the gift of each day by blooming, no matter where I am planted in that given moment! Hope and Hugs Elfie obviously took up root in that thought — they literally bloomed in the plant! 😉

One thought on “The Elf on The Shelf — Bloom Where You’re Planted!”

  1. Thank you, Maryann. Do you know that NASA scientists have made an unexpected biological discovery in the Arctic Ocean waters. They have punched through three-foot thick sea ice to find waters rich in blooming, microscopic marine plants, essential to all other sea life. With little light and the chill of freezing waters, this plant life thrives and is essential for other marine life to live. So God places many in this world like you and me and Elfie in cold, sunless places to plant His hope so others can thrive. This is the beauty of Christmas. Blessings and hugs back to you and Elfie!

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