The Gift of Christmas

 There is no other holiday that puts people into a buying frenzy like Christmas. Its abundant trimmings seem to inundate us earlier and earlier every year. From costume-time to turkey-time, the holiday center-stage is shared with Santa. It appears as though the heart of Christmas has been transformed, labeled as just another holiday. Or has it?
To find out, I thought I’d check in with someone who adores Christmas. Talking with Josh Baughman gave me a chance to see Christmas through his eyes. I met this tender-hearted 13-year-old boy about a year ago. He’s been through some pretty tough stuff. Watching your mom fight stage 4 cancer is a battle for the whole family, and Josh has been in the thick of it since last Christmas. Yet, his steady faith is so beyond his years that it would be easy to forget he’s just in the 8th grade.
After a little catching up, I asked Josh about next year’s transition to high school. After a lengthy pause, he smiled as he said, “I’m not too worried about it — my sister Bre will be there.” Clearly, Josh knows he has someone to love him through it. He’s a wonderful reflection of his family’s approach to obstacles, even cancer. Next, I began my questions about the meaning of Christmas.
What’s your favorite Christmas story or song?
“Well, it’s really a movie and a story. I’d have to say ‘Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.'”
“My favorite song is ‘Awake and Alive’ by Skillet, but that’s not a Christmas song. I just really like them and that song.  My favorite Christmas song is Jingle Bells.”
If you wrote a note to Santa in 10 words or less, what would it say?
“Dear Santa,
I would just like to have the whole family together and no more cancer!”
What do you want most…what’s at the top of your list?
“We’re going on a family cruise so that is at the top of my list…hoping it really can happen. That nothing screws it up.” [Josh’s voice trails off as he says that cancer can get in the way.]
“If you had a Christmas party & could invite somebody famous who would it be & why?
“The main singer in the band Skillet…can’t remember his name but he’s really cool and Christian”
Anything you would change about Santa’s outfit?
“Make it blue because that’s my favorite color!”
If you could change anything about Christmas what would it be?
“Nothing, it’s great as it is!”
Why do people celebrate Christmas?
“Mainly for the birth of Jesus, just the fact that the Savior was born. That’s what it means to me at least.”
Anything else people should know about you?
“I love to cook and want to be a chef and a drummer when I grow up.”
Josh has a wonderful knack for bringing background things to the forefront. Being a drummer or a chef might not put him in the spotlight, but a band without a drummer or a restaurant without a chef would be a lost cause. Humble, gentle giving in the background creates all kinds of ripple effects. That’s a great picture of the gift of Christmas.  Jesus left behind a precious gift without ever taking center-stage. That is the heart of Christmas.
Thank you hugs to Josh.

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