The Power of Pink October (re: The Pink Fund)

The Power of Pink October

It’s Pink October! This marks my 2nd year of participating in the international breast cancer awareness month. My passion to make a difference began as a gift to help a friend through a Little Pink Book. While I can’t erase breast cancer, I can make a difference with hope. That is the essence of Pink October and my Little Pink Book series—to ignite a passion in others that they too can make a difference.

I consider myself an ordinary person who’s been given opportunity to make an extraordinary difference. Every one of us is blessed with gifts: talents, ideas, resources, and relationships. Those gifts afford each of us opportunity. It doesn’t matter how small your idea, how limited your resources, or how few your relationships—you have the ability to make a difference in the world around you. And you have the ability to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!

When I wrote When Your Teacher Has Cancer, I had a choice. I could have left that story on Pink paper inside my friend’s classroom. After all, it was created for her 2nd graders, meant to encourage them to become hopeful partners in her healing journey. Instead, I chose to magnify the gift by publishing it, so that other teachers could also be blessed with hopeful partners. That gift has been magnified many times over; from one book to a series, to nationwide advocacy and much, much more.

Too often, we limit the potential of hope. Sometimes, we limit hope’s potential because we lack confidence in our gifts. We forget that we’re simply vessels for those gifts—the gifts are already within us. God gave each of us gifts to be used for His greater good; our talents, ideas, resources, and relationships have potential to magnify hope in others’ lives. Relationships connect us with others and we’re plugged into encouragement, compassion and love through those relationships. We’re plugged into knowledge, ability and power through resources. We’re plugged into unlimited potential, dreams, and imagination through our ideas. When we recognize our talents, gain confidence in our gifts and understand the blessing of our resources and relationships, we become hopeful vessels to others.

Pink October is about becoming vessels for hope, and voices to be recognized long after October ends. We can’t erase breast cancer by sharing Pink Hope. We can’t erase it by understanding its inherent pain and struggle. We can’t erase it by attending awareness and education events. Yet, every person who participates, shares, understands, and attends marks the path of hope toward a cure. Power comes through collective gifts, collective prayers, and collective efforts. Put your gifts to work this October, and then choose to carry Pink HOPE well beyond this Pink month!


Maryann Makekau, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Founder, Hope Matters Productions

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  1. Excellent encouragement. Every statement you make is one I fully endorse and seek to live and share with others. God through His Spirit is definitely using you for His purposes. Hope matters because in you He has a production.

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