This Idea is Bound to Change Generations to Come

The idea of a Senior Prom is not so new. The Huffington Post reported that “high schools and community centers all across America have adopted this new trend of Senior Citizen Proms and the response has been overwhelming.” AARP said, “Many of these events … bring together the young and old to mix and mingle. The dance floor [is] packed for most numbers, with parents dancing alongside their adult children.” From Wisconsin to Oregon, New York to Georgia, and places in between, senior proms are helping to change how the young and old view one another.

ABC News captured a partnership of an activities director and high school students. Residents of the nursing and rehabilitation center showed “you’re never too old to cut a rug” – just as seen at our memory cafe gatherings. Giving Alzheimer’s a voice often requires no words at all. It speaks like a dance of intimacy from within, heart to heart, launching butterflies of love. Being such a voice of Alzheimer’s is bound to change generations of care to come.

Senior Proms are known for their capacity to help raise funds for emergency services and senior centers, and more. However, Dr. Robert Kelly, a specialist in geriatric medicine pointed to a more direct impact. “When people get older they’re more socially confined and have fewer interactions outside their homes.”

Preparing generations as care-partners, providing a refreshed perspective, and painting a hopeful picture of living with dementia – that is what drove us to partner with Vibe Productions  here in Florida. Come April, 125 seniors will gather for an evening in the arts, surrounded with all the glitter of a formal prom – gowns and suits, flowers and dance, photos and video – amid stories of those we will honor and bless.

The ticketed event at the WaterVue will deliver the ambiance of yesteryear as independent seniors receive pin-on corsages and boutonnieres, reserved seating, full-course gourmet dinner, musical favorites with Rewind 74 Band, Life Tunes DJ, recording artist Reid Soria, Eve Hale on the ukulele, and “at your beck and call” dance partners (thanks to Choctawhatchee High School students, including JR ROTC Cadets). All ticket holders get a take-home souvenir with caricature artist Mark Douglass too!

Amid the bittersweet of life’s journey, there will be abundant “water” for every heart, mind and soul.

There is something very new about this Senior Prom. Attendees will gain more than perks of a traditional prom experience. They will become vessels of hope, as they gain a tender intergenerational perspective through senior and student works of art. Creative mediums from oil to watercolor paintings and charcoal to pencil sketch will be offered for bid at the silent auction. The Prom will reflect the table-side arts enjoyed at our neighborhood memory cafes. The individuals whose voices have been robbed by disease will again be heard – through others, young and old.

Together, on April 22nd, 2018, we will honor the families who courageously face memory loss and its profound impact upon them.  Proceeds of The Senior Prom will help fund operations of our Neighborhood Memory Cafés, and ultimately magnify advocacy, education, and inspiration for a hopeful journey – despite the many losses inside Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. We believe in being the change you wish to see in the world. There is more than one path to creating that kind of legacy. Come be a part of ours, reach deeper than memory, past forgetfulness, and straight into the heart where love remains.

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