When Duty Calls – Commemorating Military Child Month

When duty calls military members to places far and wide, children are often called to serve in various ways too. Being a military brat calls them to live in constant readiness — willing to Be Relocated And Transformed. In walking beside a military parent, their traits of adapability, worldliness and patriotism create a shining example for others to follow. My hope is that our nation will remain keenly aware of their service and sacrifice, beyond today’s culmination of the Month of the Military Child.

Connecting local communities with military families is vitally important for such awareness. According to the federal Department of Education, “more than 1.2 million school-aged children of service men and women” attend our nation’s schools — that means virtually every school has military children among its students.  They each deserve a voice, and the gifts they possess have the capacity to make quite an impact. Here on the Emerald Coast, I’ve been privileged to watch the Young Marines as they plug into my community, serving in various ways. From dedications for wounded warrriors and fallen heroes to marching beside veterans of  the Doolittle’s Raiders in a reunion parade, the Young Marines volunteer countless hours of service. Perhaps one of the reasons their 26 members acclimate so well to military protocol is that it runs in their blood. Thirteen members are following in the footsteps of military fathers, mothers, step-parents, grandfathers, uncles and brothers.

Providing a place where military children are recognized and celebrated is the vision behind the “BRAT Town Bugle.” Through the creative efforts of the founders of Operation We Are Here and Troops in Touch, an interactive, virtual place where children and parents can exchange postcards, tell their story, and download coloring pages was designed. During the Month of the Military Child and beyond, the Town Bugle is a great place to visit, “celebrate, and pay tribute to all military children who serve along with their parents.”

Articles like this one that honor our nation’s youngest heroes is just one way to spotlight their patriotism.  Join me in encouraging, motivating and celebrating children’s abilities to make a difference in the world around them.


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