When Your Mom Has Cancer book release

When cancer enters a home, children look to the adults in their life to help them understand and cope with the turmoil it brings.  When Mom is the one diagnosed, it presents special challenges for her: facing cancer head-on while simultaneously bringing comfort to those she loves. 

This newest Little Pink Book released today 4/5/10 at: https://www.createspace.com/3444399! Seeing the world through a child’s eyes can bring a fresh perspective – When Your Mom Has Cancer was created to bring families hope through the eyes of a child.  Helping families fight the fight together!!

6 thoughts on “When Your Mom Has Cancer book release”

  1. I'm very excited for this title because it is going to touch so so so many lives!! Thank you for everything you do!!! The little eyes that will be reading and looking at this book thank you, too!

  2. Aloha, Niece Maryann and grandnephew Derek, I LOVE YOU and I THANK You both for an inspirational and spiritual masterpiece! You are ever so, so much blessed for sharing God's inspiration, God's education and God's invitation for ALL multitude of little eyes of all cultures that will be reading this wonderful/ and INSPIRING pink book….. they will understand how to cope when the word cancer or (abnormalities) is mentioned…… they will be hopeful and joyful to all …… they will share hurtful and fearful thoughts and feelings amongst each other…..they will embrace precious family moments together and be helpful to ALL …..I testify to this because my little eyes in my adult body love the color pink and I have taken a stepping stone forward toward the color of the rainbows and thank God for YOU! Aunty Cece

  3. Love to my Aunty Cece…and Praise God for her healing, her spirit, her message of faith, her loving nature that radiates to all whom she meets – she exemplifies Aloha!!!

  4. Maryann, "When Your Mom Has Cancer" really touched my heart. Being a cancer survivor myself, I remember how hard it was to tell my children the news. Written with compassion and thoughtfully illustrated, this book helps parents discuss cancer with children, helps children understand what cancer is, and gives comfort and hope to all who read it. God's Abundant Blessings to you and many thanks, Jeanetta Alford, A Cancer Survivor By God's Grace

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