Why Your Life’s Tally Matters, Now!

Every which way we turn these days, we are prompted to put a tally on our lives. The higher the tally the more significant it appears.  Take the pedometer clipped to my waistband that serves as a motivator.  Checking it a few times a day keeps me moving toward the goal: 7,000 steps a day, at a minimum.


Social media is another driving example of the tally.  The more Likes you get on a post the more you’re convinced it matters, not just to you but to others.  That can be a motivator, especially when the things you share serve to encourage or inspire.  Keep your eyes wide open though … the distractions can be mind-boggling! We often risk missing hidden gems right in front of us!


There’s an app for nearly everything we take in, literally.  You can even tally your habits; the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to break. Tally for a day, week, month, year, or ever … but if you exceed 2 (free) habits, you’ll need to upgrade to the unlimited (paid) habit tracker.  Makes me wonder what we’ll be tracking in another 5, 10 or 20 years. What will matter, then?


I recently attended an open house at a local business.  Just inside the door was the event classic.  Tally the jelly beans in the jar and winner – closest estimator – takes home the grand door prize. It motivated me to stand there a good while, trying to count the absolutely impossible to count.  Funny thing is, now I have no recollection of what “prize” motivated me to do so!


This morning I lay in bed awhile after looking at the clock. With more than two hours before a scheduled conference call, I tried to snooze.  But my to-do list quickly invaded my wanting to be a little lazy.  Then, just as quickly, it came to me: just breathe. I laid there with gratitude, tallying what really matters. Thank you God that I am awake; that I am breathing, seeing and hearing; that I am able and capable; that I have love of family and friends; that I have moments to tally.


At yesterday’s neighborhood memory cafe we celebrated a participant’s 95th birthday.  Her card gave a humorous, and realistic, tally of her life’s moments – the ones counted in years, months, weeks, days, hours.  I wonder what we’d do differently if avidly aware of the hours, days, weeks and months absorbed into our own life’s tally.



What have you put off until tomorrow? What have you not done because you might fail? What did you not count as a blessing and yet it has led you to where you are? 


Your life’s tally matters, in this moment, right now. Yes, it is cliché; but it is absolutely true:  You are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Those 7,000+ steps taken today shall be with purpose and intention and appreciation.  Those same footsteps will equate to moments that will never again appear in time. Likes garnered in seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, and smelling will resonate long after any post or jelly bean count.  Make time to just breathe. Treasure the good habits in days, weeks, months, and years to come. Appreciate life’s tally now.  For one day, you too may have the good fortunate of celebrating 95 years’ worth of why your life’s tally matters.


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  How will you use them? 


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