You Don’t Spell It You Feel It – That’s Love!



An assurance of affection.  Warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion.   The object of admiration.  Unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. (Merriam-Webster)



Let go of grudges and hold onto grace.  Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go. Love really does cover a multitude.


Open your heart.  Being vulnerable doesn’t come easy in a world riddled with pain and disappointment … but this world is riddled with restoration and joy too.


Void your life of clinging to things.  Your time, energy, and love will have far greater ripple effects than anything you own.  Time is short … so is life.


Engage with your eyes and ears. Look into your loved one’s eyes; more is revealed there than whatever pours from one’s lips.  Take time to listen and be silent … the exact same letters create two powerfully important words.


L O V E  IS …

Piglet asked “how to do you spell love?” Pooh said, “you don’t spell it, you feel it.”  

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