3 Important Questions — your voice matters to me

Reflecting on the history of this blog, it all started in 2011 after publishing the first book (When Your Teacher Has Cancer).  I began writing this blog to inspire others with the power of hope.  My intent has always been to bring you heart-felt stories, useful information, and timely resources for life’s difficult journeys — namely cancer, Alzheimer’s, and military deployment.

Along the way, I have gained some and lost some; such is the way with followers of anything on line these days.  I completely understand that people’s needs and wants change over time.  Still, that occasional “unsubscribe” brings me to ask you a few questions.

After writing hundreds of inspirational posts, helpful tips, and heart-vested stories, I would appreciate knowing what has really mattered to you.  Making your way through these difficult journeys is — just that, difficult.  I consider it a privilege to write and speak about what I have learned through your sharing with me, as well as what I have personally experienced in these journeys.

So as we begin 2019, I want to take time to welcome you back!  I want this to be  an uplifting place, to enjoy with your morning coffee or tea for a good read and a dose of hope! I have three quick questions, and your feedback on any or all of these will be a blessing back to me.

  1. Have you journeyed through cancer, Alzheimer’s (or another type of dementia), or military deployment?  If you’ve loved someone through it or gone through it personally, the answer is Yes.
  2. What matters most to you here — The inspirational stories, topical information, or helpful resources … or all three?
  3. Is there something else you’re looking for? Other topics, different resources, or something brand new that I have yet to offer?

Thank you for taking time to give feedback! Your voice matters to me! 

Hope Matters is a local veteran-driven 501c3 with a triple-focused mission to magnify hope in the difficult journeys of cancers, Alzheimer’s, and military deployment.  All programs provide artistic coping tools at no cost to participants — as gifts from the heart should be.  Please visit our non-profit WEBSITE to learn more about our mission, events, etc.

2 thoughts on “3 Important Questions — your voice matters to me”

  1. I know that your books helped our family in a deep time of need. Your personal support and encouragement was invaluable.

    I still value your friendship today. As you know, we did battle cancer. I know many more are still in that battle or just beginning. Supporting your books and sharing your helpful information is wonderful. It is a great tool to have to help others. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Rob. Never will I forget the journey you all took or the incredible way you magnified God’s hope in the midst of it. As I consider (and pray about) where my time and energy is best placed in helping others, I will be mindful of your encouraging words.

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