5 Steps in This Journey of Thanks & Giving

Making a grocery list of our Thanksgiving favorites inspired me to make a second list, one of thanks and giving. I am entering my family’s first holiday season without mom. Emotions are mixed but there are more answers than questions. There is much more gratitude than grief in our hearts.

I feel sad for my dad; just cannot fathom 64 years married together, and then, not. I feel glad for the feast mom now enjoys. For the Bible tells me so, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son.” No more tears, no more sickness, no more Alzheimer’s, in her sanctuary of peace. Likewise, grief experts encourage us to bask in the love and joy, even though the holidays will be tough. It is okay to enjoy yourself! What’s Your Grief provides 64 tips for coping with grief and loss at the holidays. I am grateful for the feast my New York family will provide to dad; surely it will be delightful medicine to his hurting heart.

Author Brendon Burchard provides some penetrating insight to keep your heart full of thanks and giving. He says, “Grant me the strength to focus this week, to be mindful and present, to serve with excellence, to be a force of love.” Even more simply he asserts, “LIVE . LOVE . MATTER.”

Hope Matters Productions, Inc.

Life’s Golden Ticket offers more wonderful insight from Burchard. “Be thankful for all that you have. Work hard for all that you desire. Be intentional for the person you are becoming. Love others for that is the reason you are here.” Those words led me to create a second list — a list of 5 steps in our journey of thanks & giving. Like a flashback scene of where we’ve been, this little snapshot shows why we continue on this hope matters journey. 

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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